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Based in South Oxfordshire, we are a family run antiques business and are proud of our reputation built over 25 years. We specialise in hand-picked chandeliers, mid-century lighting and period furniture. We source and lovingly restore unique one-off pieces, using traditional hand finishing techniques.  In our specialist restoration workshop, we put the craftsman at the heart of what we do with care, authenticity and pride. 


While our clients span the globe from Guam to Gloucestershire, all of our pieces are sourced in the UK, reducing our carbon footprint where possible.

In fact, buying antique or vintage is the most sustainable way to decorate your home. Not only are you supporting a small, locally owned business, you can guarantee that nothing has come from a sweat shop. The icing on the cake is that antiques retain significant resale value, should you ever want to be parted from them!


We use traditional methods and eco-friendly products. We throw very little away, instead, re-using parts to breathe new life into other pieces. We mainly use recycled packaging; your parcel may not be the prettiest, but we are brilliant at packing and posting so it will get to you as safely and as sustainably as possible.

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Why buy from a master craftsman?

" A craftsman is someone who pursues excellence in their work, who is reliable and accountable. They develop their craft by working hard year after year, putting their heart and soul into every aspect of their job and product. They are always learning and growing and seeking ways to improve their craft. "

Having completed a cabinet making apprenticeship and worked in one of the UK’s largest and most prestigious antique restoration workshops, Rupert established his own company in 1994.


With over 25 years’ experience we are able to bring you honest and accurately dated antiques at excellent prices. We aim to offer a friendly, personal and professional service across all aspects of our business. 


We restore, re-wire, earth and test all of our lighting. While our lighting will need to be fitted by a qualified electrician, we can guarantee that it will arrive with you ready to go.


Please contact us with any queries. 


We adore all lighting but chandeliers are our go-to favourite. When choosing a chandelier, the first thing is to identify what size you need to fit the room. We love the Maximalist fashion and have oversized chandeliers in our home; there is nothing better than a grand statement above your dining table, kitchen island or in an entranceway.  


We can advise you on the right lighting choice for you and your space.

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Mid-century lighting 

We really enjoy buying mid century lighting (this is any item from the 1920s through to the 1980s), they are just so diverse and fun.


Materials reflect the fashion of the time such as plastic, wood, metal or highly polished chrome. We have even brought lighting fixtures made from shells.


Vibrant and still enduringly contemporary, they bring a new texture to your space and can fit into any home.


Antique furniture is not only sustainable and more interesting than new, it is often cheaper.


Each piece of antique furniture has its own story. Who commissioned it, what changes in style and fashion has it seen, where has it been and what family dramas has it seen unfold...? the imagination runs wild.  


All items come through our restoration workshop where Rupert repairs and breathes new life into them.  He never sands pieces back – to keep the integrity of a piece, you also need to keep the wonderful patination that only time can bring. 

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